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If you are ever in the city Lansing,Michigan and have that urge to get "INKY" Joey Roper is the man you want to see. His experience and expertise in the art of tattooing dates back to when he was just in his early teens. The man has mad skills when it comes to tattooing,but "ART" in general as well. 

He started drawing when he was around 9 years old and has never stopped. With thousands (YES THOUSANDS) of tattoos under his belt,Showing major progression each and every year that goes would be crazy not let him use your body as a canvas to express your feelings and emotions through art using his creative genius.

From tribal to flowers and roses to street art to portrait and abstract...this kat is more versatile then a swiss army knife. Dude has mad skills with the gun and will take your thoughts and convey them into a picture worth more then a thousand words.

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Joey has worked at many tattoo shops such as Dreadnought ink and Van Gogh where he currently is now. When it comes to experience in the tattoo industry even as young as he is..he's got it. To see more of joey's work you can visit his facebook at JOEY ROPER

Here is a quick look at some of his recent work.

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