Krispy Wear Clothing Company is an urban style street wear apparel brand that not only looks clean and fresh,but also inspires. It reminds the individual that the struggles and obstacles are inevitable in life,but we can overcome each one as we encounter them and choose to maintain an attitude of optimism and positivism. We all will face major and minor challenges on a daily basis,but we must never give up on our true aspirations and visions. Once we give up and let the problems we face win,we begin to die inside rather then LIVE...hence our motto "STAY KRISPY OR GO STALE"!

We the Krispy Wear Team do much more then just provide fresh hip hop clothing / skate gear / Everybody and their Momma gear. We aim to spread a positive message to not just "young" or "STREET KATS" but all people who feel like they might want to surrender to the struggle. The message is simple...THE STRUGGLE IS REAL..EMBRACE THAT SHIT and OVERCOME IT..PERIOD!

To learn about the man behind the brand (THE FOUNDER/DESIGNER) Korey Crawford check out the bio page (UNDER MAINTENANCE AT THIS TIME).